Foglight User Experience Management

End User Experience Management, Simplified

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Foglight® User Experience Management solutions help you understand and improve the experience users and customers have when interacting with your web applications. Proactively monitor the real user experience will help you identify performance issues, understand user and customer behavior, and improve web application performance. More specifically, Foglight User Experience Management solutions give you the visibility you need to: 

  • Discover web application problems before they impact end users
  • Manage and demonstrate Service Level Agreement Compliance
  • Identify which applications and components are causing performance problems
  • Diagnose the root cause of performance problems faster
  • Analyze user productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand real user demand for applications
  • Utilize Quest Professional Services for a successful deployment tailored to your unique environment and business objectives, promoting user adoption in the process
  • Receive 24 hour per day, 7 day per week support with the assurance that our highly skilled support team is available if you should need assistance as you monitor critical applications


Infographic Application Performance Monitoring

  • TransactionDNA technology— Delivers a data model that uses transactions as the framework for unifying disparate sources of rich IT data for dashboards, visualizations and analysis.
  • Customer-centric transactions — All application layer traces are linked back to the end user and their associated session activity.
  • Performance-based service levels — Access details on baseline response times and alert users when those baselines violate defined service levels.
  • Geographic performance and volume — Monitor user response time and throughput by location or other logical grouping.
  • Web/application server performance — Ensure OLAs are not being breached by monitoring your web and application servers for conditions related to configuration, CPU load, the number of services running on the server, and the number of users accessing the server at a given moment.

Managing End Users from Their Perspective

  • Contextual Forensics — See the exact same information and displays as the end user in your browser for improved troubleshooting and greater insight into website usage patterns
  • Web transaction triage — Capture, search for and store data on every end user’s actual web site experience to see what the user did and how the system responded.
  • Session and transaction replay — Segment hits and pages for monitoring, alerting, and playback, enabling notification when business-critical pages are called, load slowly or content is out of expectations.
  • Problem reproduction for the help desk — Assemble and e-mail with one click a complete user session with replay to provide additional information when submitting an incident to your service desk system.

Managing End Users from the Business Perspective

  • Transaction conversion analysis — Foglight dashboards and data bring transparency to the interaction between users, your web site and marketing initiative success rates.
  • Configurable transaction attributes — Get granular views for a solid understanding of conversion rates by inquiry type and the related barriers and leakage points that inhibit them.
  • Ad-hoc transaction reporting — Ensure that the data for every user session is available and organized for use by your data analysis tools, regardless of how you intend to use it.
  • Attribute search and pivot table creation — Find and export only the data you want into spreadsheets for easy analysis and reporting.  


Organizes top-level SLA dashboards by services, tiers and transactions

Organizes top-level SLA dashboards by services, tiers and transactions

Organizes SLA dashboards based on business context (from transaction attributes parsed from URL parameters, header and payload content) enabling prioritization of IT issues according to business impact.

Maps the application infrastructure

Maps the application infrastructure

Maps the application infrastructure to deliver rich run-time architecture and dependency mapping with complete transaction path analysis - from end user request to container to VM to ESX. Integrated support for vMotion dynamically updates the maps in real-time. Optionally extend visibility to database/storage systems and all network devices along the path.

Monitors AJAX applications from multiple perspectives.

Monitors AJAX applications from multiple perspectives

Analyzes AJAX-based webpages by capturing 100% of end user session activity from both the network and the browser, providing a critical perspective into third party content, mouse events, JavaScript errors and performance that augments code-level monitoring on the back end.

Replays user-session activity enabling contextual forensics and troubleshooting

Replays user-session activity enabling contextual forensics and troubleshooting

Visualizes web user activity for a true replication of the user experience that goes beyond performance analysis to capture and troubleshoot issues related to user clicks and data entry.

Visualizes conversion funnel for checkout process

Visualizes conversion funnel for checkout process

Displays conversion funnel for multi-step business processes (e.g. checkout) including a chart of actual dollars lost over time from abandoned transactions.

Shows geographical distribution of user activity

Shows geographical distribution of user activity

Shows geographical distribution of user activity for quick identification of who is being affected and to what extent.

Pivots page content data in a dashboard view

Pivots page content data in a dashboard view

Pivots page content data by location, browser, and content type to generate a dashboard view that helps IT and business analysts pinpoint common attributes in performance slowdowns and errors.

Attacks the big data problem in APM with storage and analysis of high-volume, high-granularity data.

Attacks the big data problem in APM with storage and analysis of high-volume, high-granularity data.

Attacks the big data problem in APM with a highly scalable federated repository for storage and analysis of high-volume, high-granularity data — records every click by every web user!



Business Critical Support included

As you can imagine, managing user experience by identifying performance issues and discovering problems before they impact your business is key to your success. Keeping Foglight User Experience Management running flawlessly is our goal. You have access to our highly skilled and experienced Support Engineers at all times. Business critical support is included and gives you 24x7 access, including weekends and holidays. We’ve got you covered.

Premier Support is Available

Premier Support is our highest service level offering designed for customers with complex environments that require a closer service relationship and proactive support service delivery. Each customer receives a dedicated support account manger that works directly with them to provide account coordination, planning, onsite visits, escalation management and reporting.

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Simplify your Foglight User Experience Management implementation and ensure successful deployment and user adoption with the fastest time to value. There are several options for this product:

  • Custom implementation services
  • Architecture assessment
  • End-to-end architecture assessment
  • Quickstart services
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If you are a Foglight user or administrator, you can expand your skill-set and advance your career with our interactive, hands-on training courses. If you’re in charge of an IT team that works with Foglight, you can increase productivity and efficiency by enrolling your staff in a course that provides them with the knowledge they need to fully utilize the software in your unique environment. View all available Foglight training courses on our Foglight training catalog.

The following formats are available for training courses:

  • Custom training development/delivery – our experts work with you to develop and deliver training tailored to your requirements
  • Prescheduled public virtual training – conducted remotely for individuals from multiple organizations
  • Private virtual training – conducted remotely for members of your organization and tailored to your environment
  • Private onsite training – conducted onsite at the location of your choice for your organization and tailored to your environment

The following Foglight User Experience Management and Monitoring Courses are available now:

Foglight 5 Operator and Administrator Training - EMEA Foglight Administration 2-Day Training - NAM Foglight Basic Training Program Package - NAM Foglight Catalog of Training Course Outlines Foglight Enterprise Training Program Package - NAM Foglight Fundamentals Training for APM Practioners - NAM Foglight Reporting Training - NAM Foglight Standard Training Program Package - NAM back to top


The specialty services available for Foglight User Experience Management are designed to provide you with any assistance you may require during pre- and post-implementation. These services are intended to continuously raise the value of the software in your environment.

The following specialty services are available for Foglight User Experience Management:

Business value assessment 10-day engagement Business value assessment 5-day engagement Foglight Data Export Services Pack Foglight Event Synchronization Solution for HP Operations Manager Services Pack Foglight for Oracle E-Business Dashboard Services Pack Foglight Healthcheck Services Foglight performance management expert services Foglight remote administration services Foglight to Remedy Integration Services Pack Foglight UEM Healthcheck Services back to top