Protection des données

Le logiciel de protection des données from Logiciel Dell de Quest simplifie la sauvegarde et la récupération grâce à une solution complète et intégrée couvrant les environnements virtuels et physiques ainsi que les applications.

Dell Software Data Protection

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Produits disponibles

  • vRanger

    Sauvegardez, répliquez et restaurez VMware vSphere 5 grâce à une solution rapide, évolutive et simple d'utilisation.

  • Recovery Manager for Exchange
    Recovery Manager for Exchange

    Restaurez des courriers électroniques directement depuis NetVault et les fichiers de sauvegarde vRanger.


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Nous aussi, on préfère le meilleur

Comme toute entreprise, nous possèdons des données sensibles que nous avons besoin de protéger contre les sinistres. Nous créons aussi les meilleures solutions de protection des données du marché et les utilisons quotidiennement pour rendre la protection de nos données sensibles plus simple.


Découvrez-en plus sur nos produits de protection des données, participez à des débats sérieux autour des meilleures pratiques et des tendances du secteur, et échangez avec notre équipe de développeurs.

Témoignages :

Monster Tool
"It took me only about 15 minutes to download and configure the software. And now dealing with backups takes me only five minutes a day, maybe less."

Daniel Watson,
IT Manager

The RUAG Group
"Local backups were previously taking around five hours per site per week, which equates to 105 man-hours per week. With NetVault, we need only one person to check and operate the backup process, which takes one to two hours each day. This 93-percent time savings translates into maintenance cost savings."

Sven Dietrich,
CC Infrastructure Manager with RUAG Services

"We save between 50 and 75% of the time previously spent on error- tracking. Before we used Quest, a full backup used to take four hours. Now, using vRanger Pro, this is done in a mere 15 minutes. The savings are not virtual they are real!"

Peter Fischer, Team Leader,
IT Infrastructure, Nobilia

Cornerstone Community Bank
"vRanger saved us 20-25 hours of stressful, around- the-clock work, and it got those critical servers back up for our customers before lunch instead of the next day...I restored two domain controllers in less than four hours; then in another four hours, I also restored five servers, including an Exchange Server, a file/print server, and a couple other critical production servers."

Randy Dover,
Vice President and Information Technology Officer

Microsoft (LiteSpeed for SQL Server)
"With LiteSpeed for SQL Server, we recognized a 4-to-1 compression ratio on our SAP database backups which solved our disk space problem. Without LiteSpeed it would not have been possible to move the 2.2 terabyte R/3 database from tape-based backups to disk-based backups."

Steve Bury,
Senior Technologist in the MicroSoft Enterprise Application Services (EAS) Group